If there is any problem in the normal operation of your garage door, the problem may be with the garage door cable drum. The drum is very important component of the garage door, and one can never ignore this problem, or any other problem in the natural alignment of the garage door, as it can aggravate into a major problem in the future. This problem may also lead to expensive garage door repairs or a serious accident.

Our technicians specialize in fixing all types of garage door cable drum problems in minimum possible time. After a quick evaluation, they are able to tell you whether garage door drum replacement would be needed or they can repair it and save your expense. These garage door drums are a critical part of the door as they lift the weight of the door. Checking these drums is one of the most important activities during garage door maintenance.


As garage door drums are constantly exposed to dust, moisture and regular wear and tear, they outlive their utility after some time. Before a damaged garage door cable drum stops the door from functioning, you need to get it replaced. San Francisco Bay Area Garage Door Experts has the required expertise, to provide prompt and efficient garage door cable drum replacement and other parts services broken garage door spring repair replacement to ensure that your door operates effortlessly for long.

Our technicians can diagnose the root problem easily, and suggest a suitable solution with minimum of fuss. If you find your garage door cables or drum are misaligned, call us immediately as it can be dangerous for you to operate your door in this case. You can depend on us to fix the problem as many garage owners in San Francisco Bay Area have done.

Why Choose San Bay Area Garage Door Experts over Other Service Providers

As you know that there is no dearth of garage door service providers in San Francisco Bay Area. It can be a challenge in itself to choose one that you can trust. Many homeowners in the city vouch for our services as we offer flexible solutions for all garage door problems. For fixing garage door drum, we come with all garage door replacement parts that are needed and our technicians have the expertise to install them as required by the professionals. Our professionals have years of experience in fixing any garage door problem.

Our inventory of garage door replacement parts includes garage door components like garage door opener, spring, cable, roller of all leading brands, and our technicians ensure that all the parts in your garage door are in good working condition. It is important to make sure that even a slight misalignment in any minor or major garage door parts may result in a serious problem. Our technicians are available 24/7 with all garage door replacement parts to fix all garage related problems quickly. Our trusted garage door professionals can come to you even before sunrise, and after midnight in case of an emergency.

If you have any doubts about our services, you can contact our representatives at any hour of the day. For all kinds of information on garage door cable drum replacement, call us now.