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We are San Francisco Bay Area Garage Door Experts and are into providing garage services like garage door repair, installation, replacement, inspection and maintenance services. We also provide parts repair and maintenance services like garage door spring repair, garage door extension spring replacement, hinges installation, etc. These services, especially garage door spring repair is one of the most important deliverable that we offer as executing these tasks require application of subject-matter knowledge which our team is capable of. We also deal in high quality parts like garage door extension springs, rollers, chain openers, etc. These garage door extension springs pass stringent quality tests and are capable of performing even under testing conditions.


Garage door springs be it torsion or extension springs costs generally somewhere around $150 to $350. Moreover the Garage Door parts are offered at affordable rates and customers do not have to stress on incurring high garage door springs cost or other garage door repair expenses while shopping from Bay Area Garage Door Experts. The springs sold by us come with lifetime warranty. This ensures that customers get access to quality garage door spring repair services without thinking much about garage door springs cost. This again is an important benefit that homeowners realize when they chose to avail our services as most customers neglect getting these parts repaired on time due to huge garage door springs costs involved.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

San Francisco Bay Area Garage Door Experts will provide you with a superior quality spring so that the problem does not reoccur. Garage door spring replacement is a tough task which is the reason it is advisable to opt for a qualified technician for replacing the broken garage door springs.

Garage Door springs: One of the most important parts constituting a garage door

Is the garage door variant used by you not working properly? If yes, then there might be a possibility that your garage door spring or garage door opener may be broken. Malfunctioning garage door springs are one of the recurrent issues that homeowners face as these parts support the entire structure and are thus highly prone to wear and tear. Though doors are frequently used most people don’t give much importance to the maintenance and inspection of the various parts of the garage door including springs. Since garage doors are frequently used, they may at times break down. Not to worry though, as broken garage door springs can be easily fixed. However, it is advisable that you do not under any circumstances attempt a DIY as any mishandling can result in the door coming down on you and can cause grievous injuries .We have a team of technicians who have the expertise and the skill to replace your broken garage door springs. If you have a broken garage door then give us a call and our technicians will come and replace the broken garage door spring in no time. We provide 24/7 service so that we can provide you with prompt service whenever you need it. Our team of San Francisco Bay Area Garage Door Experts will not only replace the broken springs, but will also assist you in selecting the right size and type of springs for you.

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